My name is Lexie.

I recently read on another blog that the idea that you cannot love anyone else if you do not love yourself is a lie. This hit me. I had believed that. But more than that, I believed that I could not enter a place of connection with someone else until I had personally mastered that specific thing first. My confidence lacked because I truly felt that in order to move forward helping others, I had to make sure I did not need help in any way anymore. I needed to be an expert on everything before I could share my thoughts, desires, hopes, and advice.

Most people took this as, oh, well Lexie has a wonderful strength in not always opening her mouth and presenting her ideas but instead lets others take the stage, and soaks in their words. But I think it is time for me to start speaking up.  It is time for me to enter the conversation with my unique perspective even if I don’t have everything figured out and even if I don’t have a prestigious degree in every facet of life that truly interests me. I read a lot of articles and I think about a lot of things. I over-analyze myself to near madness. But I am finding it easier to step back from that and love myself as I learn to relinquish pieces of my thoughts to those around me.  I want to join the conversation.  As I let go of the little ideas that form from my experiences and studies and observations, rather than keep them to myself, I learn so much more about myself and others.

I am passionate about physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. I am beginning to understand that the quest for this wellness is often frantic. Now I am on a journey to let go of that frantic energy. I want to enjoy the journey, to taste the fruit and not just eat it because it is good for me or will make me look better, or will do something else miraculous in the future to my skin. I want to do things for now and not just for the future. And I want to be a part of the ongoing conversation, to find joy on a path that is not meant to be walked alone.


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