Time Travelers

Time Travelers


It’s Ok, take heart, my dear.

We are all time-travelers here.


Too often between the future and past,

We strike ourselves down with shame and fear.


Just yesterday you held a dove

And felt to fly on wings of love


Today is darkness, cold and dry

It seems that love was meant to die.


I am crying now for you, my dear.

My heart is broken, I want you near.


Then I remember that you really are here

The time-bound space sheds a lonely tear.


Tomorrow you will sing again

And feel to embrace the souls of men


Today is faith, of one small light

A step in the dark to continue the fight.


I want you to remember this, my dear.

We travelers have a great task to bear.


While we move about the linear path

Forward and backward, stuck with that math


The real struggle is not the travel

But being present to let time unravel.


Here is a place that you can greet

Justice and Mercy, as they meet.


It has happened before, it will happen still more

The eternal is now, with great joy in store.


The eternal is here, remembering and hoping,

The eternal is here, unbound and singing.


There is no need for too much reflection

Nor focusing more on the finite perception


Though the glass can give reference, I want to be clear–

Heaven is real! Not caught in a mirror.

(Poem by Lexie Orvin. May 2017)


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