Today It Will Be Different

Today it will be different

Even though the ocean looms.

It’s waves lash out with abandon,

Telling every bit of my doom.


I used to avoid the wide depths

Afraid they knew my troubles

But I realized my fears were useless

While I was drowning in a puddle.


Today it will be different

I choose to embark in the seas.

He will give me every reason to breath

And feed me with nectar of bees.


The only thing left is the journey.

I have no way to find light

While I roll about in his vessel

And cannot rely on my sight.


Today it will be different

The ocean is part of the plan

The waters, though mournful and bitter,

Will help me become a man.


Dear mom and Dad, I am with you

I see now how hard this can be

To know that the journey together

Must bury you first in the sea.


Today it will be different

I finally found my stones

They bear no light or clarity outright

But glow because He atones.


I still have to bear the deep water

And surrender to breaths that are shallow

But as I carry my small stones

Warm light will fill up what was hollow.


Today it will be different

I am still in the midst of the sea

But moment by moment I feel more alive

Learning to love this journey.


My stones are songs that are in me

That soften the heart I have known

Each is not born in but borne through me

A gift that in giving I own.


Today it will be different

Part of the plan we were shown

Says you too will be journeying with me

And will help me to be one of his own.

(Reflections on recent thoughts on the story of the Jaredites, especially their initial journey across the ocean in the vessels that were “tight unto a dish.”)


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