Whom he calls he qualifies

Yesterday a man spoke in Sacrament meeting, the most important meeting of a three hour block in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, about callings. He echoed words from the scriptures that tell us, whoever God calls he also qualifies. The man took this thought and added that we sometimes won’t feel “qualification” endow us. We will be qualified and we will be doing everything in our power to magnify our calling but we might still not feel like we are enough. But, he said, we are enough. It is too often that we give up on something just because we don’t “feel” like we are doing it well or right. If we are trying to follow the Spirit and trying to love our fellow men, especially those in our stewardship, then we are doing well.

Ok, what about my stewardship over my own physical body? What about my stewardship over my son? Goodness knows I feel very unqualified in both of these areas.


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